Montblanc - Modern Vintage | Industry NewsWORLDTEMPUS - 9 January 2013Elizabeth Doerr  One of 37 employees at Villeret: a master replica watchmaker assembling a specialty © Worldtempus / Elizabeth Doerr The snow-capped peaks of Mont Blanc tower high over Switzerland. Similarly, the white-starred nibs of this company tower over the writing instrument industry. When Montblanc decides to enter another industry, this Richemont-owned brand does it right. In 1935, Montblanc began to branch out into leather goods and accessories to accompany its quality pens. To accomplish this authentically, Montblanc bought an established company. Then, in 1997, Montblanc branched out into replica watches by founding Montblanc Montre SA in Le Locle.While Montblanc's beginnings in the replica watch world were cautious and relatively unremarkable, it did not take the company led by Norbert Platt and later Lutz Bethge very long to apply the same lust for quality to the timepieces as it did to writing instruments and leather goods. One way was to establish the Le Locle factory location . Housed in an attractive art deco villa built in 1906 �?the same year Montblanc was founded in Hamburg �?it is home to 130 technicians who design and assemble replica watches powered by ETA bases and some of the company's own movements since 2008. These include several used in the Rieussec and TimeWalker Twinfly models.  Making balance springs in the Villeret factory © Worldtempus / Elizabeth Doerr VilleretThe decided step that put Montblanc in the replica watch world's premier league, however, was the acquisition of Minerva in 2007. rolex clones rolex clones Minerva was founded in 1858 in the village of Villeret by Charles Ivan Robert, part of the Robert family, who had settled there from the Franche-Comté in the fourteenth century. Minerva was famous for its chronographs and the high quality of its movements, particularly since it was one of the few makers capable of creating its own balance springs. Today, the raw material of the balance spring wire is made by a supplier according to Minerva's original recipe. The drawing, stretching, shaping, coiling and all else is, however, done in-house by three technicians.  A chronograph movement based on an original Minerva design © Worldtempus / Elizabeth Doerr At the present time, round about 40 technicians make no more than 250 replica watches per year by hand in this factory, which may feel to the visitor like taking a step back in time upon entering. Nothing is off-the-rack, and each piece leaving this quirky edifice grounded in horological history is rooted in the art's grand past but influenced by modern technology.This latter can be chalked up to the fact that what Montblanc now calls "Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie, Villeret" can well be viewed almost as an independent artisanal atelier, just supported by a large brand. The small factory is set up much like an independent's workshop and headed by careful master replica watchmaker Demetrio Cabbidu, who has worked here since 2001. Cabbidu oversees everything at Villeret, making sure each detail is just perfect. He even personally goes out into the forest to choose the right juniper wood pieces used to finish some components.Villeret produces the masterful technical delicacies that Montblanc introduces, including the TimeWriter series, some of which are reminiscent of Harry Winston's Opus concept of working with independent replica watchmakers. Otherwise, Villeret works with four of Minerva's original calibers, two chronographs and two base calibers and continues to develop new specialties inspired by vintage shapes and dimensions."We make new innovations with a vintage spirit," says Cabbidu. "Innovation is very important."  Montblanc's Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie, Villeret contains a treasure trove of vintage Minerva objects, like a cache of dials © Worldtempus / Elizabeth Doerr
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